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8 reasons you need a sewing machine

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Here are 8 reasons we think you need a sewing machine

Written by: Victoria Hulme                                                                                               Date: 8th March 2023

You may be wondering whether you should spend the money and invest in a sewing machine or maybe you just need some help deciding if a sewing machine would be right for you. In this blog post we can help you to make up your mind by sharing our 8 reasons why we think you need a sewing machine. 


A sewing machine helps you to sew quicker and complete more projects in less time.

Do you ever feel like you just have so many things that you would like to make? Unlike hand sewing which takes a lot of time to finish, machine sewing can be done very quickly. The quicker you sew, the more time you have for more projects! 


A sewing machine gives you a neater stitich

When using a sewing machine, the stitching is neat and accurate as all the work is done by the machine. Each stitch is the same length and finish which you may not get with manual sewing. Meaning that your projects will be a fantastic finish everytime!

sewing machine stitching


A sewing machine lets you use fancy stitches

Most machines now come with at least a few fancy stitches. you can sew ribbon effects, bindings, and laces using sewing machines, this would be very difficult and time consuming doing all this by hand.

If you are looking for a sewing machine that has fancy stitches we can recommend the JUKI HZL DX7


A sewing machine helps you sew heavy duty fabrics like denim and leather

Heavy fabric like denim and wool are almost impossible to be sewn by hand. A sewing machine makes the task of sewing heavy fabric a much easier one.

These are our top heavy duty sewing machines Janome 432s and the Juki QVCP


A sewing machine has other uses

Sewing machines don’t just have to sew clothes! Did you know you can make cards and other craft projects on a sewing machine? When you have children or grandchildren they can be used for alsorts, just this week alone I’ve made a World Book Day costume and some costumes for a Wooden spoon competition!! Upcycling clothes and other items are much easier with a sewing machine too.

World book day costume - billionaire boy


A sewing machine helps you to save money

Although you need to pay money upfront for a sewing machine, you can save money in the long run by repairing items and clothing that you would’ve otherwise thrown in the bin and had to replace. You can get more wear out of your clothing by repairing any holes with your sewing machine. Also there is so much around the house can be repaired. One of the easiest projects could be making cushions, which would save you a small fortune instead of buying them.


You can teach your children a new skill

Sewing is a very useful skill to learn. At some point most children are interested in learning a new skill and that get great satisfaction of wearing or displaying something they have made themselves. Our youngest son really enjoys making little creations and has used a sewing machine to make himself a pencil case. 

A child sewing on a sewing machine


You can start a business

Once you have found your niche you could quite easy start a business and make what you love. You have the tools to provide a well sewn and accurate item. But somthing that is unique that can only be made by a sewing machine.

To sum up...

As you can see, there are many reasons that we think you need a sewing machine and they are all positive! When you are a creative person it can take you a very long time to complete all the projects that take your fancy, but it doesn’t need to be that way when you have a sewing machine. A sewing machine makes the job quicker and easier and they are so much fun to use too! If you can think of another great reason, leave us a comment. We would love to know!

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