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What happens during a sewing machine service?

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What happens during a sewing machine service?

Written By Victoria Hulme                                                                                           Date: 9th March 2023

People often ask what happens during a sewing machine service. Serving your sewing machine is as important as servicing your boiler or washing machine. It is especially important if you want your sewing machine to continue working to a high standard and with efficiency.

There are a number of core elements to a service however often each service is different depending if it comes in with a an added issue or not.

Cleaning the sewing machine

Not only do we clean the machine on the outside so it looks cosmetically better but it is cleaned on the inside too. All fluff, snapped thread, congealed and excess oil will be removed. This means most, if not all, of the outer cases will be taken off, this ensures that all the moving parts of the machine are oiled and cleaned where necessary.


Often a problem people struggle to get right for themselves. Both threads – top and bottom need to be held under tension. Most people adjust the top tension with the tensions wheel on the front of their machine. However both tensions need to be balanced and we spend time during the service do ths.

Image of a sewing machine foot


Is your sewing machine missing stitches or not picking thread up? The most likely reason is that it has been knocked out of time, usually because the machine had been jarred in some way. This can happen if a needle breaks or bends, which then causes the gears to shift or the needle bar to move. You will easily be able to see if your machine is out of time by sewing a zig zag stitch, if it misses some stitches or just sews straight, this means your machine is out of time.

Checking the functions

Different machines have different functions, so in this area some checks will differ. We will check the main stitches at the widest and narrowest, so this will check the sticth width dial and mechanism is working. We will also do the same with the length and reverse.

The function of the bobbin winder, feed dogs and foot pressure will be checked. We will ensure the bobbin case is functioning properly and the correct spool is being used. The wrong or a damaged spool can cause problems with sewing.

Your machine will always be returned to you with a fresh needle and a small piece of fabric that demonstrates the stitches are working correctly. 

The wait time for a service with us is usually around 2 weeks, however as you can understand this can differ.

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